Xylitol Therapy

Xylitol Therapy

Xylitol therapy is a natural way to change the ecology of the mouth.

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Xylitol therapy is a natural way to change the ecology of the mouth. Xylitol is a sweetener that has a unique 5 carbon structure that makes it different from all of the other sweeteners on the market. Xylitol comes from the plant cell wall, from plants and hardwood trees such as the birch tree. The Streptococcus bacteria ingest it and it renders them useless. They are unable to secrete the acid that lowers the pH in the mouth, which causes tooth decay. They are also unable to secrete the sticky goo that builds up on our teeth as a biofilm, which is known as plaque. The Streptococcus bacteria also cannot replicate, their population decreases, and more beneficial bacteria populate the mouth leading to an increase in the pH. The better Xylitol products contain the bioavailable minerals of calcium and phosphorus which help to remineralize the enamel surface and even reverse early decay.


Dr. Edwards has studied with the world’s leading experts in xylitol therapy and has earned the name of DOCTOR XYLITOL. He has lectured on it to fellow professionals and the public and has written numerous professional articles on the subject.

Xylitol comes in many forms, from toothpastes to mouthwashes, gum and mints, as well as in a granular form where it can replace table sugar. There are many other benefits to xylitol such as a 40% reduction in calories and a low glycemic rise, which makes it excellent for diabetics to use as a sweetener.


Research has shown that 4 to 6 grams of Xylitol a day spaced out throughout the day over an extended period of time – weeks or perhaps months is effective in changing the oral ecology. We also use a forward thinking technique called xylitol tray therapy that involves thin “bleaching like” trays, which are filled with xylitol gel. The patient sleeps with them or uses them for an extended period of time. This bathes the tooth in a solution of xylitol and minerals, optimizing the therapeutic effect. We use this technique in cases of high decay and excessive demineralization.

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

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Xylitol Therapy

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