Full Dentures

Full Dentures

Dentures Have Come a Long Way.

SS Dog dentureWith improvements in materials, particularly with premium, natural looking denture teeth, we are able to create an esthetic restoration that can look completely natural. In many cases of severe break down and malformed, rotated, discolored teeth, the most aesthetic solution can be a denture. Not all dentures are created equally. Depending upon the materials used, the quality of the teeth chosen and the skill of both the dentist and the laboratory technician, the result can have many different appearances. Injection molding of the pink denture base material is much more accurate than the traditional way that most Dentures are made. There is less shrinkage and a better fit.

Dentures should look natural and unnoticeable from natural teeth.

SS Dentue in apple

Dentures also have the option of being attached to implants. There are different kinds of implants and different options of how the denture can be attached to the implants. In certain cases we can eliminate the palate of the denture when we have enough support from the implants. This improves the ability of the patient to taste their food better. We even have the option of a denture with a metal substructure that can be permanently screwed into implants very much like a permanent bridge.

PRE OP Smile

postop smile

Can you tell if it is a denture?

SDWC Patients Speak Out:

“The Smile Design Center is truly a class act. I can’t say enough about the excellent reception, care and overall excellence of this team effort. Gina, Lisa, Melanie, Ginny, Jenny, and of course Dr. Edwards all made me feel very special and I’m confident my teeth and gums are in the best possible hands. I have already started to sing their praises to everyone I encounter. Thanks again for being so great!!!!!” Joan N.


Full Dentures

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