Laser Pocket Therapy

Laser Pocket Therapy

Laser Pocket Therapy is a more modern technique to treat periodontal pockets- deep areas under the gum that lead to bone and toothSS perio stages loss. Traditionally a surgical procedure to flap the gum away from the teeth and the bones was performed along with reshaping of the bone tissue. This was a painful procedure that resultedin sensitive roots and a much more difficult environment to maintain when many foods trap between the teeth. With lasers the Gum is not removed from the tooth but the pocket is treated alongside the tooth, under the gum. The lasers are able to kill bacteria in the pockets, help clean the roots and stimulate new bone growth in some cases.

XLase sulcus laserThere is much less post-operative discomfort and this treatment is part of Minimally Invasive Dentistry.

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Laser Pocket Therapy

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