Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery

Lasers Are Just Photons of Light

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 12.20.12 PMLasers are devices that use the photons of light for biologic effects. Depending upon the wavelength and the power setting, lasers can be used in a diagnostic fashion such as with the Diagnodent Laser cavity detector or they can be used in a surgical fashion to gently and precisely cut both hard and soft tissues. The WaterlaseMD is a champion of lasers and performs many different tasks. Lasers have revolutionized periodontal treatment, and have minimized the need for painful gum surgery in the treatment of periodontal pockets. Lasers can be also used to stimulate healing; these are commonly known as Low Level Lasers or sometimes Cold Lasers. The results that we see when we involve lasers in surgical and healing treatments are quite amazing. Patients tend to have little or no postoperative pain in otherwise painful oral surgical procedures.

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(by Dr. Edwards)

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Laser Surgery

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