Ceramic Implants

Ceramic Implants


Z systemsThere is a growing opinion that our bodies would prefer to have no metal in them, where there is a slight charge to the metal. When there are multiple metals, a current develops from one metal to another, this is called galvanic reaction. Modern ceramics like porcelain and Emax all ceramic crowns and Zirconium Oxide crowns and bridges are gaining in popularity. There is a much healthier tissue response from the ceramic materials and there is no electrical potential.

Ceramic implants have been used in Europe for 20 years. In 2007 the FDA gave theirfirst approval of all ceramic implants to Z-Systems, a Swiss company that is a world leader in all Ceramic Implants. Many studies have been done and the Ceramic Implants are showing the same high 95+% success rate as traditional titanium implants.

Z systems being placed photoUntil 2014 there was only a one piece ceramic implant and abutment, this created more of a possibility of
movement and interference with the integration with bone during the healing phase. Now Z-Systems has a two piece zirconium implant and abutment.

Other advantages are the white color of the Zirconium eliminates the dark color that can show if the tissue receeds, there is less plaque buildup and a healthier tissue response.

Does a Ceramic Implant seem right for you?