Dental Hygiene Services

Dental Hygiene Services

Clean Mouth and Healthy Gums

IMG_0267Our dental hygiene services are extensive, a lot more than just “cleaning teeth”. We are very concerned with periodontal health as it is the foundation that the teeth sit in. The journey of periodontal health begins in the hygiene room. Our hygienists do a thorough evaluation of each patient’s periodontal status at each visit, as well as provide feedback and education on how the patient is doing with their home care. We like to create a partnership with the patient and for them to take the responsibility of their oral hygiene and oral health. When indicated, our hygienistsIMG_0298 are trained to do Scaling and Root Planing, a procedure that involves a thorough cleaning of the root surface in deeper periodontal pockets. This is usually performed with local anesthesia and most patients are pleasantly surprised that we are able to use newer anesthetic gels that do not require the need for a shot of novocaine. Our hygienists are also trained in using the dark field microscope for live plaque analysis of patients with more serious disease. We do this in both the diagnosis and the assessment of the success of our joint treatment.

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When was the last time you had a thorough dental cleaning?

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SDWC Patients Speak Out:

“Thank you to Ginny and Dr. Edwards for spending time with me and making a routine cleaning routine! I don’t dread going for visits because of the personal care I get there.” Anonymous

Dental Hygiene Services

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