Live Plaque Analysis

Live Plaque Analysis

SS Bacteria on tooth

Bacterial Analysis-Live

Live Plaque Analysis displays live bacteria that are living in a patient’s mouth. The phase-contrast microscope is used to assess the condition of health in the periodontal pocket. A simple bacterial sample is taken from the patient’s periodontal pocket and is turned into a microscopic slide and, in a short period of time, can be viewed under the phase-contrast microscope. With a high definition video camera this can be displayed on a computer or TV screen.

SS Plaque mcroscopeWe are looking for the type and quantity of bacteria that exist in the pocket as well as whether or not there are white blood cells which are evident in more advanced disease. We also use phase contrast microscopy after periodontal treatment to assess the efficacy of the treatment and home care regimen.

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Live Plaque Analysis

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