High Definition Video

High Definition Video

We Utilize High Definition Video

IMG_0317to document the procedures that we do. We help patients understand their treatment and educate prospective patients and other healthcare professionals of the services we provide. Our surgical microscopes have high definition video cameras, which can project to a flat screen monitor what is being viewed through the microscope. Either video or still photography can be captured. High definition video is also very helpful in the Comprehensive Exam to show the conditions present in the patient’s mouth. For many of our patients this is the first time they have ever seen exactly what was happening in their mouth.

Julia Scope monitor

A picture is worth a thousand words.

SDWC Patients Speak Out:

““I have had a number of procedures done at The Smile Design Center. They are always friendly, helpful and totally professional. Dr Edwards is a perfectionist and you don’t walk out of there without a perfect mouth. I am totally pleased!”— Jeanne B












High Definition Video

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