Aesthetic Reshaping

Aesthetic Reshaping

Subtle Changes Can Be Dramatic

Aesthetic reshaping is a form of Minimally Invasive Dentistry used to create a conservative Smile Design. As we look at someone’s Smile, the edge of the teeth is what eye is attracted to. Often times there can be chips and irregularities and discrepancies in length, and a minor reshaping with fine diamond points and polishing can give some dramatic results and minimize the removal of tooth structure. Patients are so appreciative to have their smile improved with such minimal effort and expense. We often combine aesthetic reshaping with whitening. Many patients are concerned to have the enamel of their front teeth drilled on, but in many cases it actually protects the tooth from fracture and is very safe.

Are your teeth a candidate for reshaping?

SDWC Patients Speak Out:

“I tell EVERYONE how wonderful your dental office is, Dr Edwards you must be proud of everyone. Still love my smile. Thanks you so much.” Gail B.



Aesthetic Reshaping

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