Safe Mercury Removal

Safe Mercury Removal

Mercury is Toxic

IMG_0124Safe mercury removal is part of an Integrative Biologic dental practice. When a silver mercury amalgam filling is removed from the mouth there is a release of significant amounts of mercury vapor. Safe Mercury removal involves the patient breathing pure oxygen, a vacuum is used to remove the Mercury vapor, and a rubber dam and special suction devices help to prevent the Mercury particles from getting into the mouth. We follow the IAOMT protocol.

Do you know if you have Mercury in your mouth?


SDWC Patients Speak Out:

“I had to get amalgam fillings removed and replaced which can release mercury into your body. Smile Design Center did an excellent job at using very safe measures to decrease any risk of this. They also make you feel very comfortable and try very hard to make it a pleasant experience. I was very happy with the service and appreciate the friendliness of the staff. I have more work to be done and I don’t have to dread the next experience. Highly recommend their dental practice.” Anonymous


Safe Mercury Removal

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