Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal–Free is a Trend


in dentistry, particularly biologic biocompatible dentistry. It is accepted that Mercury is a toxic metal and substance, and Mercury in a mouth with other metals creates the movement of electrons where the mouth is acting like a battery. Many of the other metals in dentistry can have reactions in sensitive individuals.

CEREC 2 Still, Restoration Materials

These include nickel, beryllium, chromium and even to some people gold or the gold alloys used in dentistry.

CEREC 3, Milling etc

Research and clinical experience have shown that all ceramic materials are well tolerated by the body. In particular EMax which is a lithium disilicate type of ceramic that we manufacture in our CEREC one visit crown making system is very biocompatible, as well as strong and beautiful.

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Metal-Free Dentistry

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