Aromatherapy & Acupressure

Aromatherapy & Acupressure

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ss.mother daugher smilingAromatherapy is the use of essential oils to help calm or relax a patient. Many essential oils have healing and calming properties. Patients choose an essential oil for aromatherapy and a drop is placed on their patient bib.

Acupressure is a technique related to acupuncture without inserting needles into the body. We have been trained in acupressure points that are beneficial for the oral cavity. Most commonly we will use acupressure prior to an injection. Patients feel that these injections are the easiest they have ever experienced.



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SDWC Patients Speak Out:

“When you go in to get work performed at SDIC, you are given headphones and aromatherapy for your comfort. I sometimes can be difficult to numb, so I let Dr. Edwards know if I feel anything. If I do, he immediately stops what he is doing to focus on my comfort. He fixed some very deep cavities, which were extremely close to needing root canals. He was able to save many of my teeth this way. He uses top of the line equipment and procedures to restore health to the teeth. I can’t say enough about Dr. Edwards and his entire staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially if you have anxiety or are embarrassed about your mouth. I finally found someone I can trust! The best part is, I no longer dread going to the dentist! Angie’s List


Aromatherapy & Acupressure

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