Dental Implants

Implants are dentistry’s miracle; the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth, an alternative to dentures. At Smile Design Center, in most cases we replace a missing tooth by effectively adding the “root” of a tooth made of pure titanium back into the patient’s jawbone.

Rather than resting on the gum line and contributing to the loss of bone in that area like removable dentures do, once an implant integrates to the jawbone it acts in place for a more comfortable and secure tooth. There are many choices of what gets attached (by a screw) into it, the simplest is an abutment and then a permanent CROWN cemented on top it. Multiple abutments can enable fixed BRIDGES and spanning larger gaps.

There are numerous ways that removable dentures and partial dentures can be attached to implants often “locking or snapping on” like a shirt snap. There are also “hybrid DENTURES” that are semi-permanently attached to the implants. One of these called an “All on 4” can be completed in as short as 1 week from the time the implants are placed.

Today’s implants are more than 95% successful and can last a lifetime. Viera Implant Dentist, Dr. Edwards is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of implantology including the surgical placement of these permanent teeth replacement solutions.

Consideration for implants involves a thorough diagnosis, which includes DIGITAL X-RAYS, DIGITAL PHOTOS and study models. Additionally, an evaluation of the amount and quality of the remaining bone and space needed is required.