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Sugar-Free Candy and Soft drinks and Xylitol

  • Written by SDWC
  • Posted 3 years ago

Integrative Dentistry: Ecology of the Mouth

  • Written by SDWC
  • Posted 5 years ago

by Chris Edwards, DDS Published November 2013 The oral cavity (mouth) is an ecosystem. It consists of teeth, bone, gum, soft tissue, saliva, and literally hundreds of bacteria, some good and some bad. 5is is the start of our digestive system, and through it passes the food and drink that nourish our bodies. Mutans Streptococcus (MS), often called Strep […]

A Smiling Kind of Summer- Xylitol

  • Written by SDWC
  • Posted 6 years ago

by Chris Edwards, DDS National Health Review With longer days and the kids at home, summer provides the perfect opportunity for dental care. A good dental checkup will examine newly erupted teeth and evaluate the pits and fissures where cavities are likely to form. Your dentist may use the Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detector to discover […]

Xylitol and Dental Health

  • Written by SDWC
  • Posted 7 years ago

by Chris Edwards, DDS April/May 2012 Inhibits Bacteria That Causes Tooth Decay XYLITOL is just one part of a multipronged strategy to have a healthy mouth. Excellent oral hygiene of daily brushing and flossing is important as well as regular visits to the dentist and dental hygienist It is a well-documented fact that Xylitol reduces […]

Xylitol – A Sweet Love Affair

  • Written by SDWC
  • Posted 13 years ago

by Chris Edwards, DDS   We Americans love sugar, and it seems like we just can’t get enough of it. Per capita, the average US Citizen ingests ½ cup of the sweet stuff per day. This increased sugar consumption has created a myriad of health problems, many of which are putting an enormous strain on […]