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Ozone therapy influence in the tissue repair process

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  • Posted 1 year ago

Abstract: Introduction: The ozone therapy is a bio-oxidation therapy, based on a gaseous mixture with oxygen and ozone. It can be considered an alternative therapeutic tool the treatment of many systemic and locals diseases. It induces acute oxygenation stress and is not deleterious, which allows the restoration of oxidation and reduction balance. Within the therapeutic […]

Ozone In Dentistry Part 2

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  • Posted 5 years ago

by Chris Edwards, DDS October/November 2013 Uses of Ozone In Medicine and Dentistry OZONE CAN BE INTRODUCED via ozonated oil (primarily olive oil). Ozone is bubbled through oil until it forms a salve/balm type consistency. This is used to treat skin conditions, hemorrhoids, vulvovaginitis and insect bites/bee stings. Ozone therapy consists of the introduction of […]

Ozone in Dentistry Part 1

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  • Posted 6 years ago

by Chris Edwards, DDS August/September 2013   Medicinal Properties Recognized In 1800s IN SEPTEMBER 1896, the electrical genius Nikola Tesla patented his first ozone generator and in 1900 he formed the Tesla Ozone Company. Tesla sold ozone machines to doctors for medical use, and modern ozone production units are still based on one of his […]