Support Team

Support Team

Our Support Team

We have many people in the background that help to make us who we are.

Judy Gallery Crop

Judy Edwards is a tireless worker who helps in many ways. She is the co-writer of all of our articles and editor. She is also actively involved in our Facebook page and Marketing. Judy’s oil and wax paintings also adorn the SDWC office

Mike Edwards CropMike Edwards is our videographer, photographer, orchestrator of our web presence and helps at many of our efforts.

Susie Meltzer BostonSusie Meltzer is our talented graphic artist and involved in our marketing efforts. Besides being a graphic and web designer, Susie is a talented runner. She has won many blue ribbons and recently ran in the Boston Marathon, posting a 3:37 time. She is involved in local running activities and charities, including the mentoring of young runners. She and her husband George love their labradoodles Kiss and Oakley.

Yvette Gioia5946-55WebYvette Gioia is a talented photographer, she has worked for many of the local magazines and runs a full service photography studio on Merritt Island with her husband Angelo. She has been involved with the Smile Design and Wellness Center for many years and always makes us SMILE!

RPS-Logo-265px-WideJoshua Adams and his team at Rock Paper Simple provide web design and marketing services. The team at Rock Paper Simple believe in creating quality on-purpose websites with a focus on marketing and results. They often say their websites do all sorts of amazing things. Like conquer whole galaxies and cook your breakfast for you… but they will admit that’s just a tad bit of an exaggeration!

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Support Team

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