Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials

This is just a short selection of the many testimonials we have received in letters, cards and emails.

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SDWC Patients Speak Out:

T Johnson beforeT-Johnson-after-150x150

“Dear Dr. Edwards,

 What can I possibly say?  After spending nearly 40 years as a “braces failure,” you gave me a smile which really made me SMILE.  Your staff is unparalleled in their interaction with patients, and it has been a wonderful experience dealing with them.   More importantly, there is my new smile!  You really are an artist!  The attention to detail that you took while creating my new look was remarkable.   I am so pleased.

The other day, I had an appointment with someone whom I see every few months.  I could tell that I was being looked at quite critically and finally said “it’s my teeth!”  Her retort:  “Oh!  I thought you’d had a little ‘face work’ done!”   Isn’t this fun?  Plastic surgery: NO BRUISING!

 Thank you so much for my “new look” and my new SMILE!”  – Tina J.


Gail Benton face before Gail-Benton-face-after “Always a great visit, every one makes you fell like family!” – Gail B




 “Dr. Edwards “sets the bar” very high with his experience, dedication, knowledge and compassion. And, his entire staff follows his example.His office, without a doubt, is the “best of the best.” I go to his office knowing that whatever the work to be done, it will be accomplished with explanations of what will be done and will be done free of pain. It’s actually a pleasure to visit my Dentist.”  Madeline J.

M Johnson before

M Johnson after







“Dear Dr. Edwards, For years I had an extremely guarded smile. I wasn’t comfortable at all. I hated pictures of myself.  Years of coffee drinking and smoking had made my teeth yellow-brown and with two rotted incisors I was miserable.  I even dreaded having a wedding knowing that the pictures would be awful.  When my fiance offered as a wedding gift to have my teeth fixed, I was ecstatic, yet 

S Brunner beforeS brunner after

apprehensive.  I felt the situation was hopeless as far as ever being able to smile freely. With only a month and a half to go, I set out to find a good dentist.  I found a master dentist.  You are a true artist! I thank you for saving my smile!  Friends and family were astonished at the difference.  I was elated.  You capped my teeth, shaped and bleached and literally changed my smile. Your kindness and diligence are so very appreciated.  I thank you for getting the job done in time for my wedding.  The wedding pictures were fabulous! I am forever grateful and can’t thank you enough.” – Sue B.


“Dear Dr. Edwards,

How does one place a value on a smile?  There are those of us who were not blessed with perfect teeth find ourselves holding back when we encounter a humorous or funny situation because we are self-conscious.

I have been fortunate enough to have had Dr. Chris Edwards as my personal dentist for the past five years.  Our relationship goes much further back than that.  Chris and I grew up together, having known each other since we were about eight years old.  He and I lost contact for a number of years but were fortunate enough to get reacquainted again about six or seven years ago at a high school reunion and subsequently at a family get-together.  It was during these meetings that he brought to my attention the scope of his work.  In an earnest and caring way, he discussed with me the condition of my own smile and how he thought I would benefit from his area of expertise with corrective and cosmetic dental surgery.

At the time, Chris and I lived more than two hundred miles apart.  But I (as a busy family physician in Woodstock, New York and he as a dental surgeon in Newport, Rhode Island) started to make the time and commitment to go and work with him to improve my oral health and consequently my overall health; and build a happy and winning smile.  The last stage of our work together came after Dr. Edwards moved to Florida and I made two visits to his office in Viera.  During those visits, we completed my dental work and smile design that had begun about two years earlier.

Dr. Edwards, through his caring efforts and his dental expertise, has made a significant impact on how I view myself and how others view me.  Now, very often, I catch myself in the midst of a hearty laugh or a full grin and find an uncompromised joy that comes with not being self-conscious or holding back due to the appearance of my teeth.  There is also a change in how people perceive me.  It is nice to have people tell me how I look younger or something looks different; have I changed my hair or have I done something else to make a change in my appearance, when actually the only thing that has really changed has been my smile itself.

It is with heartfelt appreciation that I offer this testimony to his abilities as a caring, competent and efficient dental surgeon.”Dr. Marty K.


Mark Webber preop smileMark Webber postop smile “Dear Dr. Edwards, I would like to send a testimonial from my experiences with your dental association. When I first came into your dental office I was very nervous and scared because I had such horrid teeth. I never thought in my wildest dreams that my teeth could look as great as they do now and we’re not even done with them. I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone on your staff. Now I can “rip” a great smile!!! And of course I will see you soon.”Mark W.


“Dear Dr. Edwards,

While living in New Jersey, my husband and I mad several trips over the years to Rhode Island for dental care. My needs were more extensive than those of my husband and I was determined (and still am) to have a full set of teeth that looked good and contributed to my good health.  I lost several molars in my youth because of lack of appropriate dental care and have had countless other problems.
Chris is a close family friend of ours and I thoroughly trust his opinion and ability.  He is a perfectionist and as far as I am concerned, that makes the best kind of dentist!  When I sit in his chair, I am certain that regardless of the work to be done, he will do the best job.  A few months ago, we spoke about replacing a bridge that I have had for 27 years on my upper front teeth.  Despite the cost and time needed to fly to Florida (Chris and his wife Judy relocated there last year), I decided to travel to Viera for my dental work.  Chris did incredible work on my bridge and the caps he designed for my adjacent teeth . I have the best smile that I have had in 30 years and that is no lie!

Thank you, Chris. I know you care about all of your patients and always do your best work for them.  In truth, sometimes you can be a pain because you are so particular. But the end result is always worth it.”  – Mary B.

M Boyd beforeM Boyd after









“Dear Dr. Edwards, I am so thankful for all your hard work giving me a smile to be proud of.  I look forward to our next session to finish up.  All my life I have been self-conscious about my front teeth but now that has changed thanks to you.  You know I enjoy laughing and having fun- so now I do not have to think about my smile. Oh another blessing is that I can chew and eat my food properly now without any worries. My sons said “why didn’t you have that done long ago?” You and your staff were great to me though all the visits. I actually looked forward to seeing you all even though I knew I would have long sessions. Your music selections were always great and made the time pass quickly. The implant went so well. I would certainly recommend your implants and bridge work to anyone who is hesitate about the procedure. I am so glad I found you thru my favorite dental hygienist, Anne. As soon as I meet you and the rest of your staff, I had a good feeling and knew I was in the right place.”Ann T.  


“Dear Lisa, Dr. Edwards and Staff,

 I just wanted you to know I am feeling well and very happy with the solution you provided me. I am impressed by the visible cosmetic changes Dr. Edwards created. It is so amazingly what I wanted, the transition is subtle enough most of the people in my life don’t really notice. I have to direct their attention to the differences, if I want to.

My entire adult life I have been waiting to find a team who doesn’t make me feel insignificant and ugly, that understands I have psychological scars from a history of abuse. I am so very grateful to have finally found a place where I am forgiven for my self-destructive fear. 

The man you work for is empathic. He listens and then lets the creative juices elevate performance and talent. This is a rare trait in a young man who could coast through his career and make just as much money doing nothing more than what is required. You all are obviously very proud to work with him.

There will never be a way for me to make you feel as good as you have made me feel. I thank God every minute of everyday for your help and understanding and for the privilege of finding a safe harbor.”

Karen W


“I have had a number of procedures done at The Smile Design Center. They are always friendly, helpful and totally professional. Dr Edwards is a perfectionist and you don’t walk out of there without a perfect mouth. I am totally pleased!”———-– Jeanne B



“I wish to commend Dr. Edwards and his fine staff for the professionalism, friendliness and compassion shown to me while getting 2 crowns in a single visit.  My questions were answered, all of the steps were thoroughly explained and the quality of the work was outstanding.  From the front desk to the dentist chair.  After several years of missteps with dentists in the area, it is reassuring that I can count on the highest standards and the best possible level of expertise and care. Thanks.”  – Kenneth C.


“Great work by Ginnie as usual. It was especially encouraging to hear her report to me that the gums in the implant regions have improved.”  – Craig M.


I normally do not spend time filling reviews but I felt the need to do this one to help you find a good medical dentist. I definitely recommend Smile Design Center. Excellent and friendly professionals with high quality service! Almost no chance you will be disappointed!   – Floriano F.


“Excellent. Exceeded all my expectations. Thank you.”  – Peter H.


“Professional, friendly staff..they are all wonderfully talented people. Dr Edwards is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. I love this office!”  Jeanne B.


“I truly feel Dr. Edwards and staff do everything to improve my oral healthcare and therefore reduce my need to come to the office. I greatly appreciate the focus on education as a foundation of prevention. I really enjoy the Xylitol toothpaste, mints and gum.”  – Anonymous


“Thank you to Ginny and Dr. Edwards for spending time with me and making a routine cleaning routine! I don’t dread going for visits because of the personal care I get there.”   – Anonymous


“I had a great experience with Dr. Edwards. He made me feel secure and relax, and his work is amazing. My teeth look and feel much better. He’s just one of those dentists you can trust and always look forward to seeing. I recommend him highly!”  – Anonymous


“I recently had my initial evaluation by Dr. Edwards and the team at the Smile Design Center.  It was the most complete, specific, and comprehensive check-up I have received in my life.”   – Edward B.


“Jennifer does a great job, is very considerate, and most importantly…doesn’t hurt me. She remembers details of not only my medical history, but personal life as well. She is professional and accomplished. I would recommend her, and Dr. Chris to friends and colleagues…..and have. Thank you Smile Dental for a great dental experience each time I see you.”   – Alan F.


“I had to get amalgam fillings removed and replaced which can release mercury into your body. Smile Design Center did an excellent job at using very safe measures to decrease any risk of this. They also make you feel very comfortable and try very hard to make it a pleasant experience. I was very happy with the service and appreciate the friendliness of the staff. I have more work to be done and I don’t have to dread the next experience. Highly recommend their dental practice.”  Anonymous


“I found the professional, personal and friendly attention I received on my first visit was exceptional. Questions I asked were answered and information provided gave me a better understanding of the condition of my teeth and the care needed to maintain a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth.”   – Anonymous


“With out a doubt the single best dental experience I have had. Dr. Edwards skillfully and patiently corrected my long-standing problems using state of the art technology, while he and staff treated me as a valued member of their family. I can only say one more thing… Thank you to all of you, you are simply the best!”   – Martin T.


“I do not recall the name of my dental hygientist, but she was just wonderful. I appreciate the care she took to avoid my sensitive areas, which is always nerve racking to me when I go to the dentist. Thank you for a great experience.”   – Debbie B.


“My first impression of Smile Design Center was refreshing, clean and very accommodating. Lisa took care of me the moment I arrived. She is super friendly and knowledgeable to any questions you may have had. The team at Smile Design Center were very favorable to all of my needs/concerns regarding our dental plan.”  – Felicia C.


“Best dental visit I ever had! I can’t say enough great things about the entire team at this office!!!”   – Danny C.


“I have said it before and will say it again…best choice I made was changing dentists and coming up to this office! I usually bring my girls with me when I come for my appts, they are always made to feel welcome up there. Keep doing what you are, I feel it is working. Thank you!”   – Angel D.


“My teeth are perfect, Dr Edwards did and exceptional job designing my smile to add beauty to my face and enhance my appearance. I would definitely recommend Dr. Edwards to anyone considering dental work. His staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.”  – Kathy K.


“The Smile Design Center is truly a class act. I can’t say enough about the excellent reception, care and overall excellence of this team effort. Gina, Lisa, Melanie, Ginny, Jenny, and of course Dr. Edwards all made me feel very special and I’m confident my teeth and gums are in the best possible hands. I have already started to sing their praises to everyone I encounter. Thanks again for being so great!!!!!”  Joan N.


“I was very impressed with everyone that I came into contact with at my initial visit. I just wish I had not spent the last 30 years going to dentists every six months thinking that I had received good dental care, only to find out that I have not received optimal care.”  Nancy P.


“This group of dental professionals are outstanding. I feel like they listen to you, gently encouraging yet emphatic about doing your own dental care at home and educating you on all issues of dental care. The staff is excellent!!”    – Thomas M.

John Van Ry CU Smile


“Always the friendliest staff! “Smile” is not just their tag line for it seems to come naturally from all employees!”  

John V.


“The entire staff was very professional and courteous. Absolutely the best dental experience I’ve had.”   – Rob W.


“Satisfied with everything, the most progressive, integrated dental/health practice I’ve ever experienced.”   – Robert W.


“I’d like to say the ‘get to know you’ room was my very favorite. The discussion was with Lisa.   She asked personable questions no other dentistry has every asked before. On that note, they truly care about you personally and would like to make healthy long-term changes so you can have an utmost healthy beautiful you…(smile.)”  – Felicia C.


“Dear Dr. Edwards, I just wanted to let you know how effective I found ozone treatments to be for my teeth.  As you know, I had a low grade infection in two of my teeth that neither antibiotics nor root canal procedures would cure.  After having two root canal procedures on one tooth with no relief, I had to decide to either extract the teeth and have bridge work done or try ozone therapy.  Following our discussion and your explanation, I decided to give it a try.  Six or seven treatments later, my problem appears to be solved.  I now only do a maintenance treatment every four months.   Thank you for working on this problem with me.” – Ed Z.


Written Testimonials

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