Patient Involvement in Treatment Choices

Patient Involvement in Treatment Choices

Be involved in your treatment.

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Through years of study and continuing education, we have come to understand that patients like to be able to make their own choices in treatment decisions.  This creates the best long term dental relationships. Our responsibility is to perform a very thorough diagnosis and to listen to each patient as to what their hopes, fears, concerns and previous history have been.

After a thorough diagnosis, which includes excellent digital records of photos, x-rays and video, we are able to sit down and discuss the findings in a patient’s case as well as the treatment options that a patient may have. Today, with advances in dentistry, there are often numerous choices to manage a situation or problem. We spend the time discussing the various options and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

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We also look at the possibility of phasing a treatment plan where the long term goal of health and appearance can take years. We will look at dental insurance if the patient is covered and maximize the benefits in each calendar year. In the end, the patient will choose the treatment that makes the most sense for them at this point in their life.

Who wouldn’t want to choose their own dental treatment?

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Patient Involvement In Treatment Choices

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