Website User Tutorial

Website User Tutorial

To review the extensive material integrated into this website, we recommend that you use the drop-down megamenu launched from the teal green horizontal menu bar located at the top of each and every screen. We have broken down the content by the following categories: About Us; Our Services; Technology; Biologic Dentistry; Testimonials; Resources and Contact Us.

Click on the SmileTube photo below to view a Welcome Video

Just move the cursor over the menu items and once highlighted, single click to be navigated to that section or specific page.

There are additional ways to access information such as clicking on slider panels, text that is highlighted, buttons and certain graphics/photographs.

Please take a moment to view this short video prepared for you to outline how to get the most out of your time here on the SDIC website.

To learn more for New Comers to this Website and Practice please select from the links at the bottom of this page.


Website User Tutorial

Welcome to SDWC <> Website User Tutorial