Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

SS insurance-glassesDental insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. Many dentists opt to participate with insurance and often times this results with both the patient and the dentist losing. The insurance company often dictates what can and can’t be done and imposes many rules that are in ‘their’ best interest. The dentist is required to accept a lesser fee and often this leads to compromise when it comes to using the best materials, labs and the time able to be spent with a patient. We, on the other hand are an “Insurance Friendly” practice where we ‘work or the patient’, not the insurance company. We go the extra mile to query your insurance company to learn of its benefits and limitations. We then help you to maximize your benefits.

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Most insurance companies will pay us directly and then we will estimate your co-pay and collect it at the time of service. In general, there may be a small increase in co-pay but it is a minor tradeoff to be receiving the care that truly is in your, the patient’s, best interest. Feel free to call our staff and discuss your dental insurance with them. We will investigate your level of coverage and let you know how it will work at our practice. You may be pleasantly surprised how easy we make it to “go out of network”. Most patients understand that dental insurance is only an adjunct to proceeding with dental treatment. The annual maximum for care has risen minimally in the last 20 years.

Mike Insurance CropWith our innovative technology we can often save a tooth and avoid much costlier options that would be the only choice of an insurance controlled dentist. In the long run, the patient would actually pay much more out of pocket.

Would you like your dentist to be working for you or the insurance company?

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SDWC Patients Speak Out:

“Always an outstanding experience! Great staff, great results and never do you feel like a number.”  Anonymous

“ I have been going to him for many years now, and I don’t have insurance, but he still treats me, and he is a painless dentist. I have recommended him to many people looking for new dentists. I really like him, his staff is great, and I’m really happy with him. He has great chair-side manner, and he’s just a great dentist. I would highly recommend him.”  Angie’s List


Dental Insurance

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