Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Exam

Jenny Pointing and Sarah's Momis, in our opinion, the most important visit that a patient will ever have with us. A comprehensive exam usually lasts up to two and a half hours and does not include a dental cleaning, or prophylaxis. Our trained staff will spend time with the patient to review their medical and dental histories as well as their concerns, fears, hopes and desires. Our comprehensive exam looks at the whole person in relation to their oral cavity and includes a thorough evaluation of the periodontal status of the patient, as well as the bite or occlusion and the muscles. Oral cancer screening and pH testing as well as blood pressure and potentially other relevant tests are performed. The use of the high definition video camera through the high powered dental microscope, enables the patient to see clearly the condition of their teeth and mouth. Chris w Patient Folder 1IMG_0331Digital photography, with both a conventional camera as well as the microscope camera, provides a recording of the significant findings. After the comprehensive exam, most patients will come back for a separate visit to receive a thorough consultation to learn not only the diagnosis, but the various options for treatment, the choices that a patient can make along with the alternatives, and the risks and benefits. Most patients remark that they have never had as thorough an exam as we give at The Smile Design & Wellness Center. See our article in Space Coast Medicine magazine

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SDWC Patients Speak Out:

“I recently had my initial evaluation by Dr. Edwards and the team at the Smile Design Center. It was the most complete, specific and comprehensive check-up I have received in my life. From the attention to detail to ensuring that I understood what was being investigated and why. I was a most pleasant experience.” Edward B. 



Comprehensive Exam

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