Become a Patient

Become a Patient

An Important Choice

The decision of which dentist to choose is not an easy one. Our teeth, mouth, and oral cavity are a very important part of our bodies and life. A healthy attractive smile is important in how we view the world and how the world views us. We look forward to helping you obtain the highest level of oral health and the SMILE you desire.

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SDWC Patients Speak Out

 “LOVED the initial consultation and the receptionist is very knowledgeable as well. Looking forward to my follow up visit!!”  D. W.

 “I recently moved from Florida to the DC metro area, and was seen by one of the best known dentists in the area. That dentist was instantly impressed, and showed his staff the dental work done by Dr. Edwards while emphatically remarking it was excellent work, and done by a dentist who knows what he is doing!”  Angie’s Listsmile-25


Become A Patient

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