Zirconium Implants are new at SDWC

Dr’s Chris Edwards and Rob Brown are pleased to announce that they have incorporated Zircolith all ceramic implants into their practice.

Mr Art Francis from Z systems came to Florida to observe Dr Edwards with the assistance of Dr Brown place their first Zirconium implant using a surgical guide. The patient was Dr Edwards wife Judy, who opted to have a dead tooth extracted approximately one year ago. Dr Edwards has taken multiple trainings in Ceramic Implants, most recently at the International Ceramic Implant Congress in Jamaica.

Mr Art Francis also was a guest with Dr Edwards on the Lillian McDermott Radio show. This show can be found and listened to on Lilly’s website Archived from April 11, 2016

Surgical guides are a very precise way to guide the drilling of the jawbone exactly as planned on software using the Cone Beam CT technology that we have at SDWC. The implants are virtually placed in the software and the guide is fabricated on a 3D printer to replicate the placement. Surgeries are faster and more precise.

Zirconium Implants offer advantages over traditional titanium implants. Their ivory color prevents the dark line that develops over time at the gum with many titanium implants. They are also inert and carry no electrical charge, and they are more biocompatible with the body and the tissue response is beautiful with less plaque retention.


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