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Dr. Chris Edwards, dentist and owner of Smile Design & Wellness Center in Viera, recently welcomed dentist, Dr. Rob Brown, D.D.S. to his experienced team.

IMG_2223 (1)The staff at Smile Design & Wellness Center provides quality customer service and dental treatment in a hospitable environment, which aligns with Dr. Brown’s professional philosophy. “Before I start practicing on the patient, I always make sure they’re comfortable and they’re aware their needs are my first priority. Our staff is then able to help them improve their current state and overall health through treatment and education,” said Dr. Brown.

Within Dr. Brown’s first few weeks at Smile Design & Wellness Center, he knew his decision to join the team was the right one. Aside from working with professionals who are willing to provide the highest level of service, Dr. Brown is learning more about dentistry as he observes various procedures performed by Dr. Edwards.

“As I observe the procedures on the video camera affixed to Dr. Edwards’ microscope, I can see exactly what treatment is being performed. More importantly, he can clearly explain why he has chosen a particular treatment modality and how he will carry out the procedure. It is an incredible training and mentoring tool, and I feel honored to be learning from him,” Dr. Brown expressed.

Dr. Edwards has also facilitated an opportunity for Dr. Brown to attend an advanced three-year implant course at the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic in Lake Worth.

In addition, Dr. Brown is becoming abreast with the latest technology and tools Smile Design & Wellness Center uses to better serve their patient’s needs. One device includes the Cone Beam X-ray, which provide a three dimensional X-ray of the structures of the mouth. This device increases diagnostic capabilities at a radiation dose that is 400 times less than traditional CAT scans in a hospital.

“If we have access to the top technology, we will use it to provide the best care to our patients. Everything is top of line at Smile Design & Wellness Center, and our patients feel like they are getting the highest quality of dentistry available,” described Dr. Brown.The Browns 2015 copy

Prior to working with Smile Design & Wellness Center, Dr. Brown received his Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University and attended The University of Maryland School of Dentistry on the National Health Service Corps Scholarship. Through this scholarship, Dr. Brown provided dental care to underserved patients in Southwest Florida and Brevard County through the Brevard Health Alliance.

“I couldn’t have chosen a better profession to pursue for my career. The opportunity to connect with my patients and do life-changing work is very rewarding. And I look forward to all the possibilities my time at Smile Design & Wellness Center will bring about,” Dr. Brown shared.

Smile Design & Wellness Center is an innovative, comprehensive dental practice located in Viera. They pride themselves in working as a team to provide the highest level of customer service and dental treatment in a warm and caring environment. They have an extensive array of dental technology that enables them to provide treatment that results in achieving the highest levels of oral health. They are also very skilled in holistic and biologic dentistry and provide safe mercury removal and the nonmetallic restorative options.

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