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Hello, I am Dr. Chris Edwards, the founder of the Smile Design Center and the Smile Design & Wellness Center. Dentistry is changing and we are on a continual journey of learning to keep up with the latest. This has led us to a biologically driven understanding of dentistry and how the mouth is such an integral part of the whole body. We understand the relationship between the two, and the fact that you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mouth.

Dr. Julia Bunker, Lisa Martin, our practice administrator and myself completed a 15 month program in biologic dental medicine. Dr. Bunker and I have received the degree of ND after our names, which signifies Doctor of Naturopathy. Lisa is certified as a Holistic Health Counselor. We use the information that we have learned to help our patients become as healthy as is possible for them. We are skilled with knowledge about toxicities as well as minimally invasive dentistry. Biologically driven techniques are the backbone of our practice and advanced technologies to achieve optimal results on the teeth and gums of the patients are used daily.

We have spent considerable time in creating a new website that helps a patient to understand not only the numerous services we provide, but a philosophy of treatment in a biologically directed focus. On our website you will find extensive information in the more than 60 published articles that have been written by my wife Judy and myself, as well as numerous videos in our own video Player called SmileTube. We invite you to visit our website and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. And as always….SMILE!

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