Integrative Dentistry – Biologic Dentistry

Viera_Oct13-1 copyby Chris Edwards, DDS


Holistic/Biologic Dentistry Focuses on Wholebody wellness that starts with the mouth.

Holistic/biologic dentists are dentists who perform dentistry that is good for the body as well as the oral cavity. The true difference between holistic/biologic dentistry and traditional dentistry is philosophical: traditional dentistry is the practice of treating the symptoms and disease and attempting to prevent such problems from reoccurring.

Biologic dentistry (which was previously called Holistic Dentistry) is the practice of treating the underlying problems that cause the symptoms in the mouth and getting to the root cause. Biologic dentists attempt to eliminate those problems by preventing the conditions from reoccurring, while ensuring the work done in the mouth does not have an adverse affect on your overall health. Biologic Dentists have taken extensive advanced education and certification to provide this service.

We at Smile Design & Wellness Center educate patients on the importance of the relationship between systemic health and oral health. Studies have definitively concluded a link between gum disease and heart health, diabetes, and complications in pregnancies. Many medications such as the osteoporosis drugs often have an adverse affect on oral bone health.

We are dedicated to the concept of prevention. The best dental insurance is dental floss. Educating and motivating patients to take the responsibility for the care of their mouth is crucial in the long-term success of oral health.

Technology enables us to show the patients the conditions in their mouth and the areas of hygiene that are working as well as those areas that need improvement. High-powered microscopes and HD video enable patients to see and understand the condition in their mouth. Time is spent reviewing the findings, then treatment options are discussed and the patient chooses their treatment. We are trained in the toxicity of dental materials. We chose materials that are compatible with a patient’s health and are as non-toxic as possible.

Traditional dentistry espouses the longevity of mercury amalgam fillings. They will also point to the ADA and FDA’s statements that the mercury in the fillings is stabilized and safe, leaking only tiny amounts of mercury. Amalgam fillings are typically easier for the dentist to place than composite fillings.

We understand that mercury is a toxin and even small amounts are too great a risk to the body and your overall health. While amalgam fillings may last longer than composites, they expand, contract, weaken and eventually will fracture the remaining tooth, meaning that the filling may outlast the tooth it was placed in.

We do not place mercury amalgam fillings and we practice safe mercury removal to greatly minimize the risk of toxicity as the mercury filling is drilled out of a tooth. Barriers are used to capture the material, the patient breathes pure oxygen and a special vacuum removes the vapor. Dr Edwards and Dr Bunker are part of the ¼ of 1% of Dentists in the United States trained in safe mercury removal.

We at Smile Design & Wellness Center use biologic natural treatments such as lasers and ozone. We are skilled in using PRF, (Plasma Rich Fibrin) in oral surgery and implantology. We are also knowledgeable about the biocompatibility of the materials that we use in our dental practice. We are a latex free practice.

Next month we will spend time explaining the ecology of the mouth, which is the basis of disease.


Dr. Edwards graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy and Temple University School of Dentistry. He completed a general practice residency at the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. To reach Dr. Edwards you may call 321-751-7775 or visit